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How the Women’s Football Came into Picture?

Women’s football has its existence for as long as the game has its origin. The evidences proved that an ancient version of football game (Tsu Chu) was being played by women during the Han Dynasty (25-220 CE). Two women playing Tsu Chu were depicted in Han Dynasty frescoes. The accuracy of dates are still not known. The earliest estimation could be 5000 BCE only.

The early involvement of women has been documented by the association to football.  It was also reported by an annual competition in Mid- Lothian, Scotland during the 1790s. Football governing bodies introduced standardized rules in 1863 to prohibit violence on the pitch. Thus, it made more comfortable and socially acceptable for women to play. The first women’s match was recorded by the Scottish Football Association. It took place in 1892 in Glasgow. The first recorded game of women’s football took place in 1895 in England. The well documented early European team was discovered by activist Nettie Honeyball in England in 1894 and was named as British Ladies’ Football Club.

By: Bhavna Sharma

Content: Wikipedia



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