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How to Deal With Maths Phobia

Ever wondered why kids are afraid of Maths? Have you ever come across people in departmental stores/market place/busy street calculating their bills on phones? Worldwide, this Maths Phobia is discussed and these days, inspite of so many modern techniques coming including Abacus, the issue still remains unresolved.

Go back to your own time, specially the ones who finds difficulty in Maths, you'll held a plethora of issues responsible. Today, we will discuss a few issues that can be taken well care of our elders and mentors.

Highest Pedestal: People often place Maths at an unreasonably high pedestal that when children cannot fulfill it, they run away from it. Comments like "You have to score very good marks in Maths", "You have to score full marks" weakens the confidence of children.

Unnecessary Tension/Thinking: Parents/teachers/children often make Maths more challenging than it really is! It's often a custom to do all the easier subjects first and then solve Maths problems. It is as if a rule to resolve complicated issues later on that kills the fascination for doing Maths.

Maths phobia is a never-ending issue and its better to resolve it at a very early stage rather than to wait and watch.

First of all, take baby steps while teaching the subject, be it teachers or parents. Start by making them solve sums that are below their standard. This way, self-confidence will get enhanced.  Never let down the children even if they are not able to understand at one go. Try to bring in practical examples around you while teaching the subject.


By: Subrata Dey


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