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How to Enhance Our Creativity; Scientific Techniques

What do we understand when we say someone is creative? Creativity is the ability of human mind to create something new and valuable. It is an ability to perceive the world differently, unravel patterns and create connections between otherwise stuff that seems unrelated.

Most often creativity is associated with literature art and music. However, many other jobs like technology, business are also outcome of creative thinking or “out of the box” thinking. Processing our thoughts beyond the standard format, this generally seems to be the pattern.

Can we train our minds to be more creative? Creative inspiration is usually elusive. Artists and scientist have always tried to train their minds or rather induce a state of creativity.

Scientifically it is said that there are different thought processes that can help one to be more creative. Though “Creative imagination” is what is thought to be the main component however, having “divergent” thought process helps one expand the horizon of thoughts. Once the horizon broadens one intuitively connects variety of ideas or is able to joins the dots somehow connected to the initial topic. Once the dots are joined one starts thinking “analytically” which helps to evaluate the usefulness of the ideas to the main topic.

Creative environment also has a great impact in unleashing the creative streak. Hence, brain storming sessions and creative interactions may help one to think more creatively or find new ideas. Some people have something that scientist call “Fantastical imagination”. However, practically one needs to make a judicious connection between vivid imagination and a realistic one.


By: Madhuchanda Saxena




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