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Patricia Babuka, the CEO and co-founder of GrandCamp Adventures explains the benefits of establishing grandchildren-grandparents connections at a young age. She says that mostly grandparents are a child’s strongest bond to family heritage. She also explains how this relationship can be nurtured. Grandchildren are special to their grandparents because they represent their future. They are able to provide uninterrupted special playtime to children as they are free from daily parenting commitments, she adds.

However, often it is difficult to find common interests to bridge the generational gap. Entertaining and educational storybooks, “Here We Go!” product lines, GrandCamp Adventures, “sticky” memories, music, games, and activities provide a platform to stimulate conversations and make unforgettable and lasting connections, she states.

She further says that grandparents can enrich the growing up experience of their grandchildren by talking to them about the childhood of their parents (grandchildren’s); singing silly songs to them; and relating funny family stories.

Long distance grandparent-grandchildren relationships can be nourished by staying connected via telephone and Skype. Frequent, short and fun communications can build solid relationships, she says. She encourages postal sharing of letters and photographs; and enjoying vacations together to make a big difference.

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