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Huge Sea Floor Mounds Triggers Earthquakes

The scientists from the Utrecht University have discovered that the irregularity on the ocean floors can cause a quick slip of the tectonic plate which can trigger powerful earthquake.

For the very first time the scientists have revealed a 180-million-years-old rock in New Zealand. The finding has shown that the thick oceanic and continental tectonic plate can slip against each other without affecting the earth. However, certain ups and downs on the ocean’s floor can create a giant earthquake.

The researchers suggested that large mounds on the sea floor could introduce the crust on the continent that generates a huge earthquake that is known as ‘megathrust earthquake’. The researchers said that this information can help them to develop an accurate forecast model and to prepare for disasters. It is being explained by the scientists that the megathrust are triggered at subduction zones where the tectonic plates is slipped under another plate. 

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