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Huge Volcanoes Found On Asteroid Belt

Huge inactive volcanoes have been spotted in the asteroid belt. A NASA spacecraft has spied that the volcanoes are huge in size. It has also reported that it was totally unacceptable. But the proof of volcanic activities has been spotted many times on various planets and on their moons.


Scientists from University of California, Los Angeles have stated that it was unclear to find the evidence of similarities between the spotted activities before the arrival of dawn spacecraft. 


The analysts from NASA Goddard Space Flight Center have also stated that, “Unlike icy volcanoes, in outer solar system, newly found volcano is made out of salt and mud.”


Before this study dawn detected the dome for more than a few months. However, the eruption on the dome was not observed by the dawn spacecraft. Earlier the dawn was send to dwarf planet, dwarf planets seem similar to other planets, said the scientists.




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