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ICC Has Decided To End Women's Test Cricket

The top officials of International Cricket Council (ICC) will meet for their board meeting in Kolkata to agree to disagree on the Indian Women's Cricket team's longer format of cricket. Women, from now on, will only be allowed to play Twenty20 formats and One Day Internationals because test cricket of women's team falls low on talent and appeal. The committee that also includes some former women cricket superstars like Shubhangi Kulkarni and Belinda Clark have given their nods on the decision to scrap off the Test format. The proposal will come into place as soon as the ICC board ratifies it.


The decision was not made in one single meeting but was rather taken by a series of follow up meetings. The idea was first discussed last year in June and after further consideration, the committee has given it green signal. According to the insiders, the decision was made due to lack of viewership for women's test cricket. Shashank Manohar, present ICC chairman and former president of BCCI and the CEO of ICC, David Richardson are also part of the committee.


Even though the viewership got better after India started paying attention to the women's cricket, it is still not up to the mark as compared to other formats of the sport. This was one of the key factors that led to the decision.


Neha Maheshwari

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