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Ice Dancing and Figure Skating- Similar yet Different

Ice Dancing and Figure Skating- Similar yet Different


Dancing has so many different forms. The figure skating is a form of dance that seems very difficult. It is very surprising to watch professionals glide around like they're floating on air.

Although seems alike ice dancing and pairs figure skating are actually totally different forms of dancing sport. Ice dancing is a type of figure skating that is inspired somehow by ballroom dancing. Officially it was given place in the Winter Olympics in 1976 as a medal sport. Ice dancers compete in pairs at the Olympics, and it is also important for them to carry out spins together as a dance hold. In Ice Dancing in pairs jumps are allowed but it is not allowed in figure skating. The music in ice dancing also has stricter rules and restrictions. It requires that ice dancers skate to a distinct beat of music and time. Their moves must match with the tempo of the music. Pair’s figure skating first became the part of the Winter Olympics in 1924 much later than Ice Dancing. In pair’s figure skating, athletes must complete overhead lifts, death spirals, twist lifts, throw jumps, and many more moves are done by them. Some of the moves in pairs skating are deemed too dangerous to perform like head banger and the Detroiter. That’s why Olympic committee has declared them illegal and banned them. Time plays a crucial role in creating the illusion that both are skating as one. The height and weight of the female skater also matters.

By: Anita Aishvarya






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