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Iceberg was not the reason behind Titanic’s Sinking

New evidences came out on Titanic’s sinking and these evidences suggested that iceberg was not the reason behind this disaster. Evidences said that Titanic was not sunk after striking an Iceberg. Many people believed for about 105 years that RMS Titanic sank while its journey from Southampton to New York. New findings suggested that this was not the case.

A new documentary titled as “Titanic: The New Evidence” has established a solid theory. It displayed fire in the ship’s hull that even started before its departure from Belfast for Southampton led to its downfall. Journalist named Senan Molony has been researching on Titanic’s fate for around 30 years. Mr. Senan found a nine metre black mark on the front of the ship’s hull from a photograph taken before the Titanic left. Mr Senan also added in the statement that the fire burnt was unnoticed for three weeks at temperatures of 1000 degrees that means the metal of the ship was already weakened.

This weakening of metal became the reason that iceberg made a hole in the ship which was otherwise impossible.


By: Bhavna Sharma




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