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Identify the Components of Creativity With Us

A lecturer in the School of Computing, Dr. Anna Jordanous, and a language expert, Dr. Bill Keller worked on ways to define the language people use when talking about creativity. This is known as computational creativity. This language knowledge can be utilized by computer programs too. This is relatively a new field of research.

The researchers analyzed what people say when talking about "what is creativity" in academic discussions, from diverse specialties including business, arts, psychology, and computational creativity.

They developed a suitable model of how creative behavior emerges using the words used by people to describe creativity.

These computer experts have used language analysis software to identify the 14 components of creativity of computational systems. These include originality; active involvement & persistence; general intellect; domain competence; dealing with uncertainty; generating results; independence & freedom; progression & development; intention & emotional involvement; social interaction and communication; value, thinking & evaluation; variety, divergence & experimentation; and spontaneity & subconscious processing.

This identification clustering of the creativity components is expected to be a useful resource for the research community involved in computational creativity. This could also form the basis for evaluating creative systems in an automated manner.

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