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Improved Email System to Fight Cyber Attack

When the entire world is facing the issue of a cyber security threat the experts have made extra efforts to improve email filters. The cyber security experts scramble to stop another wave of ransom ware and malware scams that have infected computers around the world.

To known the roots of the issues computer scientist experts at the University of Houston are "phishing" for reasons why these types of attacks are so successful. The research findings were presented last month at the ACM Asia Conference on Computer and Communications Security.

Additionally, the development is being used to develop the next generation of email filters to better identify and defend against this type of cyber attack, stated the developers.

The study has been done by experts including Professor Rakesh Verma, Arjun Mukherjee, Omprakash Gnawali and doctoral student Shahryar Baki. The computer science experts used publicly available emails from Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin as they looked at the characteristics of phishing emails. Moreover, the developers used traits of the email users to determine what factors contribute to successful attacks.


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