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Improving Vocabulary by Involving Child in Maths

A recent study conducted by the Purdue University found out that, children who are involved in math activities at home with their family are better at not just maths but also at general vocabulary. 

One of the doctoral student at the university said that the exposure of a child to the basic number and math concept at home are quite predictable just like reading a storybook to them or any other literacy-rich interactions and communication.  One of the reasons why this is true is that the interaction or the dialogue that happens between the child and the parents helps them in enhancing their communicating skills and their oral language skills. David Purpura, one of the assistant professors in the Department of Human Development and Family Studies, said that it is never too early to teach a child about numbers.  A number of ways in which parents can encourage math learning have been suggested, some of them being talking about counting, connecting numbers to quantities and comparing values. This will help a child in focusing on counting as a purposeful activity. All these studies have been published in the online Journal of Experimental Child Psychology.

By: Srishti Anand




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