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In Search Of Tinny Undiscovered Moonlets

The scientists from the University of Idaho have recommended that there could be two small moonlets revolving near two of the planet's rings. The scientists said that these tiny moonlets were undiscovered earlier. The scientists have examined the images of Uranus' icy rings taken by Voyager 2 in 1986, where they found the key patterns in the outer ring.

The scientists said that the alpha, known as one of the shiniest rings of Uranus contain the sum of ring material at its verge. Additionally, the scientists found a similar and reliable pattern in the same part of the adjacent beta ring. The researchers stated that even after long research they are still making discoveries from the data that it gathered from 30 years’ old records. Because of the similar structure, the analysts have named the pattern as moonlet wakes.

The researchers observed the newly found moonlets in Uranus' rings would be 2 to 9 miles (4 to 14 kilometers) in diameter. The scientists said the newly discovered moonlet is as small as some identified moons of Saturn but smaller than any of Uranus' known moons. As the surface of the Uranian moon usually covered within the dark material, it is difficult to spot them said the scientists.

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