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India Enters Into Final of U-18 Asian Cup Hockey

India has reached to the final after beating Pakistan in Under-18 Asian Cup hockey. The final match will be played between India and Bangladesh.


Both teams has tasted success earlier, in 2001 India has got a winners trophy.

Again in 2009 India won its fifth trophy in the tournament. Pakistan has also enjoyed the winning position in 2011 by getting a bronze medal.


During the first round Team India faced challenges against the host team. Eventually Indian team went down with 5-4 scores during the tournament. After a strong match, team India brushed the loss and got success against team Oman.


According to the scores it was the best match ever played on the hockey ground. India won its first points by defeating Oman with 11-0 scores.


During the interview, Coach BJ Kariappa said that the victory was expected and because of a traditional rivalry between the countries made the contest more flavorful.

The team was well focused towards the victory added Coach BJ Kariappa.



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