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India Faces Spain in Quarter Final of Junior Hockey World Cup

Team India is to face the defending team Spain in the quarter final of Junior Hockey World Cup. The last match of Indian team has received a wake-up call and now they are well prepared to face the competitors.

Till now, India has a victorious history in the pool stage, earlier they have played pool game against South Africa. As per the old records, Indians were proven in their prior two victories over Canada where they won with 4-0 and England with 5-3. However they had to fight hard against South Africa to register their name in the list of winners, they got 2-1.

Now the team India is expecting to overcome from their fear. The next game can come as a big lesson for Indians beyond the knockout stages. The team can not bear any slip from here as that will break their hopes of reclaiming the title after a break of 15 years.


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