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India Lost the Bronze Medal in 2017

Indian A men’s Hockey Team had to stop their journey in 2017 Men’s Australian Hockey League just by getting to the 4th position. They lost the game by 2-3 to New South Wales in a struggling Bronze Medal match on 8 October 2017. Simranjeet Singh and Affan Yousuf scored two goals initially that were superseded by New South Wales in the last two quarters. Simranjeet Singh scored his first goal of AHL 2017 in the 3rd minute of the match. Indian team made six attempts at the NSW goal within the first quarter and were constantly playing defensive. Affan Yousuf scored his third goal of 2017 AHL in the 9th minute to increase India’s lead to 2-0. India dominated possession also in the second Quarter, therefore in-spite of having more circle entries and shots at goal, New South Wales were kept out by the Indian defence. However; in the third quarter, New South Wales stepped ahead as Tom Craig scored a goal in the 39th minute. The third quarter ended when India was leading by 2-1. Indian defense played very well but New South Wales scored two goals in two minutes and made a comeback when Simon Orchard scored a field goal in the 55th minute and levelled the scores at 2-2. Finally in the 56th minute, Lachlan Sharp scored the winning goal for New South Wales. New South Wales with a score-line of 3-2 won the Bronze Medal.

By: Anita Aishvarya




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