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India-New Zealand ODI: The Highest Rated Series in Past 3 Years

According to a recent analysis The ODI series against New Zealand delivered more average impressions on the Star Sports network. The experts have compared the results with the India-South Africa series that was played before India- New Zealand series. The data has been analyzed by principal broadcasters Star Sports. The broadcaster has said that The India-New Zealand One-Day International (ODI) series was the highest-rated ODI cricket series in the last three years.

The analysts explained The ODI series against the Kiwis marked 7,397 ('000) average impressions on the network. However India-South Africa series delivered 6,153 ('000) average impressions, as per the data revealed by the broadcaster. The average impressions are calculated in units of thousands '000’, said the experts. The broadcast was supported by new look graphics and the best of experts on the commentary panel. The CEO of star world stated that the results of the analysis showed, nothing is adored like quality cricket in this country.




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