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India Paid a Heavy Price Due to Lack of Adequate Training

Training and continuous practice are extremely important aspects that determine the performance of an athlete. Geeta Phogat thinks that poor training facilities are the sole reason behind her below average performance in the recently concluded World Wrestling Championships 2017.

She states that this is the “toughest competition" to win a medal. Until and unless one receives proper training with world class facilities, it is almost impossible to back a medal at the World Championships. Another Indian contingent, who could not back a medal at the World Championship complained that they were forced to train at a local club in Boulevard de Bercy borough, situated 250-300 kms away from the main venue. The club neither had adequate facilities nor sparring partners to practice with. Both Geeta and Babita stated that they are now focussing on making a strong comeback at the Nationals. Further their eyes are set at the Commonwealth and Asian Games that are to happen next year. Both the sisters are making the best utilisation of their time and resources and are determined to excel.

By: Anuja Arora


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