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In a bid to improve the standard of its country’s wrestlers, the Bangladesh Amateur Wrestling Federation has sought the help of India. And the Wrestling Federation of India has agreed to it. It will be giving a year-long training to wrestlers.

India has wrestling incorporated deep in its roots. This sport has been played since ancient times under the name “Kushti”. In recent days, the world is beginning to realize the strong foundation of Indian champions in this sport as five gold medals have been in Olympics by Indian wrestlers in the recent years. Bangladesh asked India for help in training its wrestling team after realizing the potential of the Indian wrestlers.

About 17 wrestlers are to come to India on 27 February this year to begin the training on 1 March in Uttar Pradesh.

Tabiur Raham Palwan, BAWF general secretary, said "During the South Asian Games and the election of the South Asian Wrestling Federation last year in Guwahati, I requested the WFI president to do something for the Bangladeshi wrestlers after noticing the fast improvement of Indian wrestlers. I received an e-mail from WFI three days ago confirming the acceptance of our proposal.”

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