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India vs. Belgium Comes To A Surprising End

The India vs. Belgium hockey match came to a final halt in a much unexpected way, leaving the audience awestruck and surprised. The India team defeated the Belgium team by 3-2 and proudly entered the second semi-final of the Hockey World League Final on Wednesday. While the match ended with a 3-3 score, the Indian team picked up the winning trophy after the sudden death with Akash Chitke, which led Belgium losing, after Harmanpreet Singh scored another and led the team to victory.

One never knows the Indian team turning up for the match, which always ends up leaving everyone surprised. This Wednesday was another similar day. In the past India has already shown its talent against Australia, England and Germany, but against Belgium, we can say that the performance was totally astonishing.

We hope to see the team doing great in the coming days & winning more trophies.

Written By- Srishti Anand

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