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India Wins Silver At The Asian Games Invitational Tournament

The Indian Men's Basketball team ended their campaign at the 18th Asian Games after losing to Indonesia by a score of 68-78. They played a very competitive final game at the end of Asian Games Invitational Tournament 5x5 Basketball Test Event Road to the Asian Games to be held in 2018. The match took place at the Istora Senayan Hall in the Gelora Bung Karno Sports Complex at South Jakarta yesterday. Indians were the first runner up and Thailand basketball team were the third runner up at the game.

The first quarter of the game had both the teams competing at the highest level and the game got really interesting. But, Indonesia suddenly took a single point lead over India and then, it just dragged out from there. They took their initial lead even further and stretched it out in the next two quarters making it a total of 58-45. The Indian Men's Basketball team did try really hard to bounce back in the fourth quarter so that they are able to defend and bounce back to their position for gold. But, sadly the efforts were not enough as Indonesia kept on scoring at regular intervals. Indian team's forward Aravind Annadurai led all the scorers in the game by 25 points while Indian team veterans Joginder Singh and Yadwinder Singh contributed to 15 and 13 points of their own in the game. Andakara Prastawa scored a total of 18 points to make a lead for the Indonesia's team.


By: Neha Maheshwari


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