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India Women’s National Field Hockey Team: Pride for Nation

Indian Women’s National Field Hockey Team which is also nicknamed as Golden Girls of Hockey is the pride factor of our country. It is the national women’s team that represents India in international field hockey competitions. FIH World Rankings ranked it at 12th. The current coach of the team is Sjoerd Marijne from Netherlands.

The Indian Women’s Hockey Team is led by Rani Rampal hailing from Haryana. 1974 was the year of glory in the history of Indian women’s hockey as the team of that time finished at 4th place in Women’s Hockey World Cup. Recently, the team qualified for the 2016 Summer Olympics for the first time since the Summer Olympics of the year 1980. They were placed 6th though they got eliminated in the group stage.

The 2002 Commonwealth Games made nation proud on Indian women’s hockey team as they won Gold after defeating English women’s hockey team. The victory also became an inspiration to make the movie Chak De! India.

By: Bhavna Sharma


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