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Indian Football Team Coach Stephen Constantine Says Criticism Against Him Is Personal

The English professional football coach and former player who is also looking after the Indian National Football Team. The coach played for The United States for the Pennsylvania Stoners and the New York Pancyprian - Freedoms. He left playing at the age of 26, followed by a knee injury.

 Recently, Stephen Constantine is dealing with considerable criticism for not paying proper attention to the players who are in proper form from the squad, but he mentioned that he made selections based on the national team playing for the nation rather than performing individually. Constantine selected 30 players for the preparatory camp for Intercontinental Cup, which is commencing from 1st June, but didn’t include players like Sukhdev Singh, Michael Soosairaj, Rahul Bheke etc. Who have showcased their consistency all through the season. Constantine mentioned that whether a player is playing well for a particular club but we can’t say whether they’ll do equal justice to the team playing for a country. Stephen Constantine also said that criticism against him is personal and doesn’t hold much truth considering a 13-game where the Indian team was unbeaten enjoyed by the country and qualified for the Asian Cup and also winning Tri-Nation tournament and SAFF Championship.

 By: Swati Kaushal


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