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Soon wrestling could be the first sport in India to eliminate the tradition of employing a national coach. Instead, wrestlers will be permitted to appoint personal trainers and will be guided by a “performance manager” or an official equivalent during international projects.

The sports ministry had earlier declined allowing personal coaches for any sport, and made it obligatory for athletes to train under one chief coach at national camps. But, it has been now convinced with this concept which was suggested by Sushil Kumar, the two-time Olympic medalist.

Sushil, one of the 14 government- appointed observers for evaluating wrestlers’ performances, conveyed this idea to Injeti Srinivas, the sports secretary, during a meeting.

Following Sushil’s suggestion, Srinivas stated to the Indian Express “There is a possibility of accepting the concept of personal coach who will accompany the wrestlers at national camps. It will then change the coaching structure and the national coach will have to be replaced by a performance manager or something like that.”

He added that the ministry will implement the new policy by coordinating with the Wrestling Federation of India. However, the time of execution of this policy is not yet clear. 


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