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After India suffered a gut-wrenching loss in their first game against Cameroon, it was expected from them to reverse the performance in the second game. But once again India failed to display a quality game. Despite starting handsomely, India surrendered their lead and never came closer to the England's score throughout the match.

In the first quarter India scored 15 points compared to England's 19. In the second quarter India only managed to score nine points to England's 27. The third and fourth quarter saw India combining 30 as compared to England's 54

For India, Aravind Annadurai was the most successful, scoring 22 points.

While men failed to match their opponents, Indian women's team too were no better as they lost 55-90 to New Zealand in the preliminary round, their third consecutive loss, to finish last in Pool A.

The women's team suffered a 57-66 defeat against Jamaica in their opening match, before losing 72-85 to Malaysia in their second match at the Cairns Convention Centre.

By: Swati Kaushal



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