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Individual Education Programs Helps Students with Chronic Illness

Education experts have come up with an idea to help students with serious illness. As child’s heath is the first priority, education is equally important for a child, say the experts.

The experts have introduced Individual Education Programs (IEPs) to help children who spend a lot of time away from school or in the hospital.

Designed by the teachers, councilors and others, IEPs take a child's individual academic needs into report. It includes customized goals and learning strategies. Additionally, children who qualify for an IEP receives free support services (such as a tutor) to help them reach educational milestones.

The team of specialists has created these IEPs while keeping the guidelines of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) in mind. As per the guidelines children with chronic or life-threatening illness and/or disabilities are entitled for educational support and for free services, said the experts.

With a proper planning and a lot of communication by the parents can help the child to balance their treatment and academics, advised the experts.

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