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Infant Can Learn Abstract Relations


A new study has found that infant can also find a relation between two different things. The term is called Analogical ability in which human can see similar relations between two common objects.


For instance two elephants can be contemplated as same just like two coins can be considered as same. Earlier the study has stated that preschoolers have the ability to see a relationship but this time the scientist have claimed that humans are meant to adapt this skill by birth.


In addition to the suggestion the scientists have also stated that the skill key inside humans is not restricted by any specific language. The Research was held by Northway University’s student, Alissa Ferry, who said, that an ability to find common relation between things differentiate humans from apps.


Through a research on infant the scientists came to know that infant are capable to find a connection between two parallel objects. The study has also proved that infants use the same pattern of learning abstract relations as the preschoolers and adults does.




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