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Initiation of Midnight Basketball Proved Useful

Midnight Basketball was an initiative taken in United States in the year 1990s to pull down the city crime level. It was started to keep urban youth off streets and to engage them with alternatives to drugs and crime. Midnight Basketball was found in the late 1980s by G. Van Standifer.

The prime crime hours of 10 PM to 2 AM were utilized by young people, mostly men of a minority group to go and play basketball. Then they followed attending informative programs that provided them with helpful skills for everyday life. Midnight Basketball thus became a method for young men to form a sense of community and hope for the future by removing them from dangerous environment. The results of playing this basketball came out to be very positive. Crime rates decreased rapidly in the neighborhoods where it was played. It helped a lot of people to stay out of troubles and off the streets.

By: Bhavna Sharma


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