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Inspirational Story of Hockey Player Abdul Samad

Abdul Samad from Bhopal is an inspiration for people who want to achieve big in their lives. Abdul overcame all the challenges and difficulties on his path of playing National hockey for India.

Abdul Samad may be hearing and speech impaired from birth. However, these hurdles did not stop him from becoming a national level hockey player. In his hometown Bhopal, there are ample of sports achievements that Abdul has written to his name.

It was not easy for him to play with other players however 26 years old Abdul convinced everyone through his hard work and passion towards the game. He was initially ridiculed for wanting to play with normal players on the field.

But, Samad was determined.  He learned to read lips and also taught basic sign language signals to his team mates.  It was Abdul’s efforts and also his family’s support that made his dream little easy for him. 

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