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Internet- A Boon or Bane for Art?

With the people getting more digitalized, the appreciation of art on tradition platforms is becoming marginalized. In a country like India which has a lot to offer in arts and creativity, this decreased importance towards the traditional forms may act as a profitable step towards the success of art globally.

We find internet having a hand in arena of communication like music, books etc. One might consider it as an intrusive step. But it has been noticed that before the arrival of the internet, the amount of recognition that the arts of India had been receiving were significantly lesser. With the introduction of the web, artists have found a new platform to showcase their skills and explore their talents. The internet has given people the power to choose from a variety of options and according to their requirement.

Contradicting the belief of the people that internet may end up killing the Indian art forms, it is instead acting as a medium for established as well as budding artists to reach a wider audience and also interact with them at all levels. This will end up in a better recognition of the art as well as the artist.


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