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It’s all About Stump Cricket

Cricket is an interesting game that has gone through many variations. There are two teams on the ground to play. The bowling team has the aim to out the batsman following cricket rules. Stumping is also a way to dismiss the batsman. The three vertical posts that support the "bails" and form the wicket in cricket are termed as the stumps. The overall width of each wicket is 9 inches.

Each stump is of 28 inches. Each stump is referred to by a specific name: Off stump that is the stump on the off side of the wicket; Middle stump- which is the centre stump, the middle of the three stumps; and the last one is Leg stump. Stumping or being stumped is a method of dismissing a player (Batsman) by disturbing the wicket with ball. If the keeper manages to make the ball touch the ground first and then proceeds to stump the batsman, this will be considered as a run out during a free hit.

A batsman can only be stumped out when the wicket is broken by the wicket-keeper, according to Law 39 (Stumped). The batsman is also considered out Stumped when his wicket is put down by the wicket-keeper without the intervention of another fielder. Either of the batsmen can be run out if he is out of his area assigned and his wicket is put down by fielder. 

By: Anita Aishvarya


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