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Joint Korean Ice Hockey- More Controversy than Sport

Joint Korean Ice Hockey- More Controversy than Sport


The Joint Women’s team of Women’s Ice hockey of North and South Korea competed together when a friendly match was played against Sweden for the first time. This friendly match was the result of the controversial Olympics unity deal that made it possible to organize a one and only practice match for Women’s Ice hockey of North and South Korea altogether at the Winter Olympics in South Korea.

In the team, there were 23 South Korean ice hockey players that contained 12 players from North Korea. They all were dressed in the uniform that was reflecting only one name "Korea." In that match, Sweden defeated Korea by 3-1. Giving air to the controversy, the Korean team did not stand or paid respect to the national anthem of North or South Korea either. Instead of that, they all played the traditional folk song of Korea "Arirang." Under a deal with Olympic Officers in January 2018, 22 athletes were to be sent to the Winter Games in Pyeongchang. They are to compete in ice hockey, ice skating and skiing. The joint-friendly match highlighted the tension between these two parts of Korea, which is a matter of concern. It was said by the Foreign Minister of South Korea that despite the tension between North and South Korea, they will have to fulfill their international obligation about promoting and following denuclearization. All military drills have been suspended till the upcoming Olympics. But it will have to see what is on the card in future.

By- Anita Aishvarya


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