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The Junior Hockey World Cup: 2016, was victoriously bagged by India. The Indian junior hockey team displayed their best skills in beating the Belgium team in the finals by 2-1. This achievement was once made way back in 2001 in Hobart. The current trophy makes our country the second next to Germany to win the title multiple times.

Till today the Indian team has reached the world cup final thrice, including the 1997 world cup where India finished runners-up. After a flat performance in the quarterfinals against Spain, Indian team displayed the best hockey performance (4-2) of the tournament and in the semi-finals against Australia.

The victory in the finals is also owed to the crowd of 15,000 fans packed in the Major Dhyan Chand Stadium. Their thunderous cheers acted as morale-boosters for the Indian team. Home team players Gurjant Singh and Simranjeet Singh were the goal-scorers who led the team to lift the prestigious trophy.   

At the end of the regulation time, the rival teams got locked in a 2-2 stalemate. But in the shootout, India’s achievement of the junior hockey world cup title got fixed when Vikas Dahiya displayed a stunning goalkeeping. 

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