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Kapil Dev: The Greatest all- Rounder of All Time

In June 1983, Indian Cricketer Kapil Dev had got his third Prudential World Cup. During that time Kapil was asked to show how to face and deal with difficult and critical moments on the field.

The former Indian captain and all-rounder, who is also a commentator for Star Sports, were not stumped by the seemingly innocent question. “I have stopped playing long ago and I do not know what pressure is like.

Kapil was captured stating that, “I stepped on the field in whites or in colors; I only thought of playing to our team’s strengths and was not really concerned with what others said”.

The captain of the U Mumbai team that won the Star Sports Pro Kabaddi earlier and the current captain of the Indian Kabaddi team, Anup Kumar, seemed awestruck by Kapil’s presence. Kapil also promotes a general increase in sports activity and also following for it in India.



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