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Karama Puja: Festival of Diverse Groups of Tribal People

Karama Puja is a well known festival in the Jharkhand State of India. Jharkhand is famous for its vibrant colors and rituals.  Various festivals are celebrated at Jharkhand with excitement and joy.

This festival is unique and different from any other festivals because several tribes from Jharkhand participate in it. More than that Karama Puja is from one of the important festivals of the state.

Apart from Jharkhand’s tribe many other states such as Assam, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Jhargram (West Bengal) also celebrates Karama festival. The Puja is celebrated in the month of August or September on the 11th moon of Hindu month Bhadrapada.

According to the tribes, this day is considered as very blessed as on this day people pray to Karam Devta to get the blessings. People see Karma Devta as a symbol of Nature.

The day is worshiped by the entire tribal community.  As per the tribes, they are mostly dependent on nature for their livelihood and on this day they get more hopes and blessing from the God.


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