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Kavita Devi is the first Female Wrestler to Join WWE

As per the last updates, it was announced that WWE has decided to appoint new Indian wrestler in their list. As results, Kavita Devi has tried her hand at power-lifting and kabaddi too. She received some training from the Great Khali too. After considering the increasing popularity of WWE in India the officials planned to go the right direction.

With Jinder Mahal, an expatriate, the current holder of the World title, the interest in India for this form of wrestling has been on the rise. After Jinder Mahal it’s time for WWE to have a female wrestler in the ring. WWE now has that female wrestler to cover the base.  WWE has now signed Kavita Devi, an Indian wrestler, who was also a part of WWE's Mae Young Classic tournament. The Appointment of Kavita Devi as a female wrestler for WWE was announced by Jinder Mahal during his last visit to India.

By: Priyanka Negi




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