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Key Elements of Quantum Internet

A new device has been constructed by the team of scientists, this device is efficient converter capable to amend the quantum properties of individual photons. This newly constructed device will be able to assist the creation of complex quantum computers. This device will become the most vital element in global quantum networks, which will be the successors of today’s internet. This invention is done by a Polish- British team of physicists.

Subsystems that function by means of diverse physical phenomena, built the quantum internet and hybrid quantum computers is becoming more than just a thought. Article which is recently published in the journal Nature Photonics have uncovered an important element of systems like an electro-optical device that allows the properties of individual photons to be modified.

“It is quite astounding that in order to modify the quantum properties of individual photons, we can successfully apply techniques very similar to those used in standard fiber-optic telecommunications” stated the scientists.

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