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Kharchi Puja: Celebrate the Beauty of the Earth

While the keeping the importance of Mother Earth in mind, people of Tripura celebrates the religious festival- Kharchi in the month of July. The word Kharchi is derived from two Tripuri words, Khar or Khartameaning "sin" and chi or si meaning "cleaning". Thus, Kharchi factually means "the cleaning of the sins of the people" or "the cleaning of the kingdom."

Kharchi Puja is one of the known Pujas in Tripura that is being celebrated within a sacred procedure of offering reverence to the Mother Earth. This festival is being celebrated by people from various cast and creed. During the Puja people assemble collectively to present the Mother Earth with a choice of fruits and flowers in order to make her happy, and thus obtain her blessings.

At the time of the event Tribal and non tribal joins hand and the air hums in tune with the hallowed festive mood. Agartala is the place where people from all areas of the country assemble and pay due homage to the Deity. This festival is an inspiration for people living in this huge world of how to respect magnificence of the nature.

By: Priyanka Negi

Content: Wikipedia

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