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Know All About Hammer Throw

Hammer Throw is a game which requires a lot of strength and patience. In hammer throw, length of the wire is 119.5 centimeter. The wire has steel ball at one end and hammer at the other end. A hammer thrower has to stand in a circle of diameter 2.135 meters.

A hammer thrower swings the hammer two to three times overhead. Then, rotates for three to four times and finally releases it in air. Hammer throw requires balance, strength, accurate timing and a certain technique to give the best shot. The ball weighs 7.2 kilos for men and 4 kilos for women.

The one who wants to gain expertise in Hammer throw has to master the art of balance and patience. The coaches for Hammer Throw also can’t explain the technique. It is learnt while practicing on field. A good hammer thrower just trusts his/her body and the hammer which improves balance if you are patient. This is the working principle behind Hammer Throw.


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