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Know the Crucial Facts about Village Cricket

Village Cricket is a term which is sometimes deprecatory, associated with playing of cricket in rural villages in Wales and England. Many of the villages have their own teams. They play at varying levels in local or regional club cricket leagues.

The organized form of cricket started in the 17th century. During that time matches were played between rival communities or villages and this level of competition still remained in existence. It is different from what may be termed as representative cricket where a team constitutes players from more than one parish. For example, a team that represents a country plays representative cricket but not village cricket. The teams in village cricket are built by local residents only. Many of the non-professional cricket leagues remarks the term “village” as an adjective which is descriptor used humorously, self-deprecatingly and sometimes to convey a sense of amateurishness about team’s preparation, dress, conduct or play.

1972 was the year which marked the beginning of annual National Village Cup. Wisden Cricketers’ Almanack covers the details of this competition every year. The final match is played at Lord’s Cricket Ground in London.

By: Bhavna Sharma


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