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Lagori is a popular Indian street game played in large outdoor areas. This game involves a pile of flat stones and a ball; and two teams of players. One of the teams is called the seekers, while the other is called the hitters.

A member of the seekers team flings a tennis ball at the pile of stones to knock it over. Then the seekers try to fix the pile while the hitters fling the ball at the seekers. If the ball hits a seeker, he is out and his team carries on without him. A seeker can protect himself by touching a hitter before the ball touches him.

Interesting additional rules are that the pile should contain 9 stones only; each team should have equal number of members; a clear boundary should be marked, and it should not be crossed by the seekers, and the one who crosses is out; the person attempting to knock down the pile should do it within three attempts, else he is out; and if the thrower’s ball doesn’t knock the pile in any of his three attempts, but gets caught by an opponent, the thrower is out.


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