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Landscape Hotspots on Instagram

As per the new study, social media tools such as Instagram, Flickr and Panoramio can measure people’s opinion. The researchers have found that people can save landscapes by clicking and posting pictures and stop the effects of urbanization on them.

A study has been conducted by the scientists that have analyzed millions of comments by people. These comments have offered required data to predictive models that can guide 'land use policies'. Through analyzed data, conservation planning and development decisions can be guided worldwide, stated the analysts. The research was based on a concern about land use in Europe and worldwide which is continuously shifting because of urbanization.

Pictures of landscapes, those are being posted by the social media users, helped the scientists to get the data for their research. On which the scientists said, “Millions of people post pictures of their desired places on social media regularly. We can use this data to determine the places that we, as a society, value most.”


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