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Latest Mathematical Formula for Driving Quantum Experiments

Mathematics is a game of calculation that is always very tricky. Math is used in all aspects of science. Therefore researchers are always trying to discover methods that can be used in simplifying the mathematical problems. For the clinicians who requires to perform high-resolution magnetic resonance applications, like body MRIs for medical diagnosis or spectroscopy for discovering protein structures, a new formula has been developed that will enable them to generate that information themselves.

This formula is to design broadband pulse frequency to excite a population of nuclear spins over a wide band of frequencies that leads to enhanced signal or sensitivity. Traditionally it was done by purely numerical optimization. The challenge that was faced was to design a common magnetic field to excite so many particles. Many scientists had failed to do so. At the same time it is a time taking process.

With the help of the experiment of Washington University body MRIs for medical diagnosis will be very easy and will save time also. The newly designed broadband pulse sequence goes forward to enhance signal or sensitivity in diverse quantum experiments across the magnetic fields from protein spectroscopy to quantum optics. This new method will enhance the quality of result.

By: Anita Aishvarya


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