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Let’s Imagine Earth without Sun

Have you ever wondered that what would Earth be like without Sun? We, humans, tend to enjoy the Sun whether it is about going to the beaches or taking a sunbath in the morning. A long time ago scientists did a study where they discovered that The Sun is a star and the center of our solar system. Sun has the magnetic power that allows other planets in our solar system to revolve around it.

Additionally, we cannot imagine life on earth without the existence the Sun because without the Sun none of us would even exist in the first place. During the research, the scientists studied the origins of life on Earth point to Earth's perfect positioning with regard to its distance from the Sun. The scientists stated that the distance is the main factor in creating life to exist on Earth.

Furthermore, the sunlight takes eight and a half minutes to reach Earth. Thus, we wouldn't notice immediately if the Sun suddenly went out. Nine minutes later, though, we'd find ourselves in complete darkness and slowly all photosynthesis on Earth would stop.


By- Priyanka Negi


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