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Little Efforts Shape Child’s Creativity


Today’s technical world wants more creative individuals at every field, be it engineering, art or science. Studies have shown that creativity develops from an early age. Often kids express creativity through pretend play.


Pretend play refers to an action that includes using thoughts or imagination and living that imagination. As the saying goes fiction is nothing but a medium to showcase the truth. A child makes stories and creates ideas from imagination and uses props to represent the idea.


For an instance object such as a block or a stick used by a kid becomes a telephone or a monster like creature. Through a research on children, the analysts observed that an amount and quality of imagination, story telling talent and emotion appearances that kids show in pretend play is connected with creative thinking abilities.


The researchers have added that children express a broad range of emotions such as happiness, fear, sadness, anger, affection or even frustration while involving in pretend play.



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