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Hockey is widely believed to be the national sport of India, though actually the country doesn’t have a national sport. This is owed to the glorious past of hockey in our country. Hockey India is the body which governs field hockey in India. It was formed after the dismissal of the Indian Hockey Federation by the Indian Olympic Association in 2008.

Hockey India released its logo on July 24, 2009 in a grand ceremony in the presence of Hockey India officials and India Hockey team.

The logo of Hockey India resembles the Ashok Chakra which is present in the center of our national flag. It is an image of field hockey stick arranged in a circle. The hockey sticks are of blue color while the background is of white. The bent ends of the hockey sticks point outward while the other ends converge at the middle.

The logo is used to identify the Hockey India organization, and illustrate its intended branding message.

By: Angel

Content: Wikipedia

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