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London Cinema Museum at Risk

Sir Charles Spencer Chaplin popularly known as Charlie Chaplin, was an English comic actor, filmmaker, composer born in 1889 in London. He gained immense fame in the era of silent films.

Lately, Chaplin’s family wrote an open letter to save the London’s Cinema Museum since it may be at risk as its lease would expire in next March. The museum is housed in the former Lambeth workhouse and it is the place where Chaplin lived for around a decade. The museum now accommodates an immense collection of cinema artefacts. It has charitable status, and is run by volunteers. The museum does not receives any public funding. The letter is signed by Chaplin's children Geraldine, Michael, Victoria, Annette and Jane. The letter states that the Chaplin family is extremely saddened at the thought of closure of the museum. The museum has played a major role in moulding Chaplin’s creativity. This cinema museum is the nearest thing to a Chaplin Museum that Britain owns. Also, a petition has been brought up to save the museum. The petition states that the owners of the building, the South London and Maudsley Hospital Trust, are working out to sell the property. The museum has put in a bid for the property in alliance with Family Mosaic, but the supporters fear that this bid may not be enough if the owners sell the museum on the open market. The petition has been signed by more than 19,000 people as of now.

By: Anuja Arora


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