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Love Dogs Not Breed

Evidence proves that Dogs were domesticated as early as the Stone Age. The relationship has evolved over the centuries and so have the breeds of dogs. Thousands of years ago there were two breeds the Ancient Western and the Ancient Eastern breed. It is said during the Bronze Age, due to human movement few Ancient Eastern dogs too migrated westwards. These Eastern breeds mated with the Western and over a period of time effectively replaced them.

The Eastern dogs that we have today still continue the genes of their ancestors however, same is not with the western dogs as only a miniscule percentage of these breed remain and rest have become extinct. Coming down to the Indian sub continent we have several breed of dogs that are found nowhere else in the world. Unfortunately these Indian breeds are mostly unheard because of our obsession with western breeds, which technically are not suitable for our climatic condition. These beautiful Indie breeds that are fast losing ground are the Rampur Hound, The Kombai, The Tangkul Hui, The Kashmiri Sheep dog or Bhakharwal, The Jonangi, The Pandikona, The Rajapalayam, The Chippiparai,The, The Tazi, the Kaikadi, the Gaddi, The Indian Mastiff, The Mudhol, to name a few. It is very sad that our very own breeds are now on the brink of extinction because of our ignorance and love for a foreign breed rather than real love for the animal. So next time you go for a pet dog, look out for a Indian breed and do your bit to save them from extinction.


Madhuchanda Saxena

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