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Love for Physics, Mathematics and Stephen Hawking

Where did the Universe come from? A question that intrigued Stephen W.Hawking, the Cambridge university Physicist, author of bestselling book,” A Brief History of Time”, which sold more than 10 million copies . A leader of his generation in exploring gravity and studying the properties of “Black holes’.

What is a black hole? Black hole is a place in space, the gravitational pull of the black holes are so strong that even light cannot get out. Light travels along geodesics and hence paths of lights are actually curved due to gravitational forces. Hawking discovered that the black holes weren’t black after all and that these black holes would eventually fizzle, radiation leak out of them and them and then at a certain point explodes and disappears over an indefinite very long period of time.

Stephen Hawking visited India in January 2001. He described his 16 day’s tour as magnificent. He was the first to receive the “Sarojini Damodaran Fellowship.

For his transportation during his stay Mahindra and Mahindra had designed special vehicle that accommodate his wheelchair. He was invited to the Rashtrapati Bhawan where he met the then President K.R. Narayanan, who expressed his 45 minute meeting with the Physicist as “an unforgettable experience”

Stephen Hawking delivered several lectures and interacted with Indian Astrophysicist and mathematicians and expressed that he found Indians are very good at Math and physics. He also visited the Jantar Mantar and Kutub Minar while in Delhi.

Stephen Hawking passed away at the age of 76 on 14th March 2018.


By: Madhuchanda Saxena


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