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Luck and Fortune Rains Over Virat Kohli

Virat fans feel overwhelmed when their superstar of Cricket swings his bat in the air. Currently, the right-hander batsman has achieved a career high. The player has got Fourth Position in ICC Rankings for Test Batsmen. Virat Kohli changed 10 places after a man-of-the-match performance in the Vizag Test against England.  

India's test skipper Virat Kohli has amazed all his fans after scoring 248 runs (167, 81) in the test to power the hosts to a 246-run win. That is not all; Virat has always performed beyond his boundaries he has achieved so much within short time duration. Virat recently attained the fourth position in the ICC Player Rankings for Test Batsmen, the best so far in his career.

As per the reports Kohli has accumulated 97 points during the second India-England Test that has been concluded recently. At the age of 28 Virat has won the best positions and the future test will offer him another possibility to shift closer to the top.



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